6 Reasons why you should visit Aberdare National Park

6 Reasons why you should visit Aberdare National Park : Aberdare National Park is a scenic Kenya national Park with majestic peaks, moorlands and beautiful falls. The park stretches around the higher areas of the Aberdare Mountain Range of central Kenya.

Aberdare National Park is diverse with deep ravines that cut through the forested eastern and western slopes, some of the animals found in Aberdare National Park include black rhinos, leopards, baboons, black and white colobus monkey and rare sightings of lions, the golden cat and the bongo – an elusive forest antelope that lives in the bamboo forest.

Here are the 6 top reasons why you should visit Aberdare National Park in Kenya.

  1. Game drives through abundant wildlife and some rare game

Wildlife viewing is highlight safari activity to do in Aberdare National park and is a top reason to why you should visit this scenic park on a Kenya safari.

Aberdare national park is a home to different kinds of animals which you will see freely roaming in their own habitat, during game drives in the park you will enjoy amazing sightings of elephants and buffaloes.

The best time for wildlife sighting in Aberdare national park in game drives is during the dry season and in this period you will be able to see the bountiful abundance of wildlife congregating at the waterholes and some of the rare sightings include the rare black leopard and black rhinos.

  1. Bird watching

 Aberdares national park is a great bird watching destination hosting over 290 species of birds in forests and moorlands, the common birds to see on bird watching safari in Aberdares national park include Hartlaub’s turaco, the rare scarlet – tufted machite sunbird and the Aberdare Cisticola which is endemic to the region. Other birds include Abyssinian crimsonwing

African goshawk

African green pigeon

African paradise flycatcher

African yellow warbler

Augur buzzard

Ayres’s hawk eagle

Bar-tailed trogon

Bronzy sunbird

Cinnamon-chested bee-eater

Crowned eagle

6 Reasons why you should visit Aberdare National Park
Crowned eagle

Doherty’s bush-shrike

Golden-winged sunbird

Hartlaub’s turaco

Hunter’s cisticola

Jackson’s francolin (NE)

Montagu’s harrier

Montane white-eye

Moorland chat

Moorland francolin

Mountain buzzard

  Amazing scenery

Aberdare national park has mesmerizing scenery with picturesque endless miles of forests, woodlands, swamps and anthill – dotted plains serving as a suitable panoramic backdrop for your camera and safari pictures.

 While on a walking or driving safari activity in Aberdares National Park in savannah plains you will enjoy scenic views of the Aberdare ranges and with a camera, you will capture lots of pictures of the picture – perfect African landscape.

  1. Softer climate

 Aberdare national park is considered to be more of a year – round safari destination than other safari parks in Kenya, this is because of its mountainous area which can experience mist and rain all year long. Though it is possible to do a safari in Aberdares National Park all year throughout, the drier months of January and February and from June to September are usually the best times to visit most especially if you are visiting for a game safari.

Aberdare National Park is easy to get and well located making it a good destination to add on your Kenya safari Itinerary.

  1. Space and privacy

 Since Aberdare national park receives less visitors compared to Kenya more popular parks like Maasai Mara national reserve and Amboseli National park, visiting Aberdare National park provides you an opportunity to enjoy more space and privacy. This feeling of being along in the wild and enjoying all that space is priceless.

It makes your one – on – one encounter with nature even more intimate and makes for a more fulfilling Kenya safari experience.

On your Aberdare safari, you can have lunch while spotting elephants and giant forest hogs in the distance drenching themselves in the water while several buffaloes take shade from the harsh sun. This fascinating view is only complemented by the sounds of distant roars of lions and laughing hyenas as well as high – pitched bird calls.

  1. Fascinating Accommodation options

Aberdare national park hosts several fascinating accommodation options which is one of the top 6 reasons to visit the park on a Kenya safari, some of the beautiful accommodations in the park include Aberdare Country Club, this establishment has its own wildlife park and a golf course is paired with the famous Ark Lodge which is named due to its form of a giant Noah’s Ark.

Another exciting establishment is the Treetops Lodge found within the park and offers great views of the forest below and many animals that casually stroll by every now and then.

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