Activities to do in Aberdare national park

Activities to do in Aberdare national park : Aberdare national park is a leading top tourist attraction on a Kenya tour, where the tourists enjoy the outdoor wildlife activities that are done from the park. Aberdare national park is a massive and unique safari destination with the incredible catchment areas in the entire country that provides water to certain water bodies to River Tana and Athi which are part of the central Rift valley and the Northern drainage basin. The park was established in 1950 as a national park with the large numbers of the wildlife species, the park lies both the lower and higher altitude rising to 14000 meter above the sea level and where the park covers and an area of 755 square kilometers where as well it’s part of the Aberdare mountain range.

Activities done in Aberdare National Park.

Game drive.

Aberdare national park is a haven of the wide numbers of animal species which can be spotted during the game drive. Aberdare national park has got three phases where the game drive takes place that is the morning game drive that starts from 6:00 am to 10:30 am this is the most recommended time to do a game drive as that’s when the animals can be active and not in their hidden places. Then the evening game drive starts during the period of after lunch for 2 pm to 6 pm and this is not rewarding as the morning game drive, as most of animal species can be in their hidden places resting from the heat in the park and again during evening game drive that’s when the animal species tend to be around the water bodies in the park as they are washing away their thirst. Aberdare national park offers tourists the night game drive that starts from 7:30 pm as this is the period when the tourists get the opportunity to see the nocturnal animal species like lions, leopards, bush babies and others as they are hunting.

Game drive is the most rewarding safari activity done by the tourists in Aberdare national park, as the activity offers chances to tourists to watch the wonderful animal species in the park like the lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, leopards, mountain reedbucks, eland, wild dogs, jackals, giraffes and among many others.

Activities to do in Aberdare national park
Game drives in Aberdare national park

Hiking safaris.

Hiking is an exciting safari activity done in Aberdare national park. The park has got the different mountain peaks in the park that offers the perfect hiking to the tourists. For example like elephant hill hike is about 3720 meters above the sea level which takes tourists about 26 km hike, during hiking Elephant hill tourists can spot various wildlife, Ndakaini dam, Sasamua dam. Another hike is Ol Doinyo Satima Mountain that stands an elevation of 4000 meters above sea level, then hiking Mount Satima the highest peak in the Aberdare range this gives tourists the magnificent views of the rift valley, Mount Kenya, various wildlife and among more. Hiking safari in Aberdare national park needs when a tourist is well equipped with the perfect clothing for hiking like warm clothes because the higher you go the cooler it becomes, as the hike takes tourists about 5 hours round hike trip and thus gives tourists the perfect hiking safari in Aberdare national park.

Bird watching.

Bird watching is also the best safari activity done by the tourists in Aberdare national park. The park has got the diverse number of bird species that are over to 290 bird species that can be spotted on the Kenya safari. The park holds the attractive and beautiful bird species that includes mountain buzzard, jackal’s francolin, sunbird, African green pigeon, Augur buzzard, Bat-tailed trogon, Crowned eagle, Golden-winged sunbird, Hunter’s cisticola, Doherty’s bush-shrike, African yellow warbler, Bronzy sunbird and among many others.

Horseback riding.

Horseback riding is the best way how the tourists can get the chance to spot the entire corners of Aberdare national park where the vehicles do not reach while sited at the back of the horse. Horseback riding enables the tourists to encounter the various wildlife that is located in the park, this is where the tourists can experience the beautiful landscape of the park, while admiring the savannah grassland as the animal species are roaring in the savannah which is the perfect way of adventuring the beautiful nature of the park.


Sundowner is the most impressive part that one can ever enjoy in Aberdare national park. As this is the best moment where the tourist can be in the middle of the wilderness while appreciating nature through sipping on the favorites cocktail or fresh juice while getting attracted to the spectacular views of the breathtaking Aberdare Ranges, as well as sighting the stunning Mount Kenya, watching the magical of wildlife present in the park as they are roaring in the grasslands on a Kenya safari.

Bush breakfast experience.

Bush breakfast experience makes your safari the best one with the unforgettable safari memories. The nature lovers this is your best safari experience that starts with the morning with a calm breeze that blows the excellent freshness with a new day, and nothing beats it like being served with the bush breakfast in the wilderness. Aberdare national park has got the well experienced and professional chefs mouthwatering and delicious meals.

Golf experience.

Golf experience is the good experience in Aberdare national park as this is such impressive and it’s a 9-hole Golf Course and here the tourists enjoy the activity together with the presence and attraction of the wildlife which makes you overwhelmed as this brings you joy and excitement life experience eon a Kenya safari.

Best time to visit Aberdare national park.

Aberdare national park is visited all the year around, but the best time to visit Aberdare National park is during the dry season or the peak season in the months between December to February and June to September when the park vegetation is short and thin hence providing easy spotting. During the same period that’s when the animal species tend to accumulate the water sources that are located in the park that also helps the tourists to clearly spot the animal species.

Where to stay in Aberdare national park.

Aberdare national park provides the tourists with suitable and comfortable accommodation who come to visit the park. The accommodations in the park are categorized into different categories like the budget, mid-range and the luxury as these include the Art Tree Lodge, Tusk Camp Band, Aberdare Fishing Lodge, Aberdare Cottages, and among many others.

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