Effective repellents for African safaris

Effective repellents for African safaris : A safari in Africa is an experience of a lifetime. You’ll see and do things that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Whether you’re going as a couple, incorporating the whole family or delighting in a solo trip, you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

However, there’s one thing that may stand in the way of your pleasure- bugs. You’ll probably already understand that Africa is known for mosquitos and other pesky bugs that can bite. Here are some pointers for selecting the ideal insect repellant for your journey.

What Is Malaria?

Malaria is spread by female Anopheles mosquitoes. Since these mosquitoes typically attack at night, it is imperative that you sleep under a mosquito net while travelling. After entering the bloodstream, the malaria parasite moves on to the liver.

Top Tip 1.

When selecting which bug repellent to take with you, you may be encountered with a substantial choice. Keep in mind that utilizing inexpensive repellents could result in less effective results and put you at risk.

DEET is the primary component of any effective bug repellant. Your protection against insects will increase with the amount of DEET in your repellent. Examining the components list will reveal the concentration.

In addition, the greater the amount of DEET, greater the duration your repellent will endure. For example, a repellent with 80% DEET could last up to ten hours if you’re out exploring for the day.

As some repellents should not be applied directly to the skin, always carefully read the instructions on the packaging.

Which repellents should I buy?

Generally speaking, it is best to purchase your repellents in advance of your vacation. Locating them while travelling could be challenging. While you’re away, you may depend on these repellents.

RID Tropical Insect Repellent- This Australian produced repellent is considered one of the best on the market. All flying insects are repelled by this safe direct skin and clothing spray. It is available as a roll-on and spray.

An additional repellent that is safe to use on skin is Natrapel 8-hour insect repellent. This is due to the product’s complete lack of DEET and substitution of a Picaridin composition.

Mosi Guard: Due to its more natural chemicals, this is a well-liked option for insect repellent. OLE, or oil of lemon eucalyptus, is the active component that has proven to effectively repel mosquitoes.

Jungle Formula: This 50% DEET repellent comes in an easy-to-carry spray form for when you’re out and about exploring. This is also a fantastic choice for kids who are older than six. This is available on Amazon for prompt delivery.

Mosquito repellent and young children.

It is not advised to use the chemical DEET on young children’s skin. 7% is the maximum proportion that can be used without risk. It is also irrational to use any bug repellent to children’s hands as they have a routine of pressing their eyes or placing their fingers in their mouths.

RID Tropical Insect Repellent is one of the safest options on the market. They provide KIDs RID, a kid-safe version of their repellent.

Electronic Repellents.

A common question is if electronic repellents are just as effective as sprays or roll-ons. Electronic repellents work best in hotel rooms while you sleep because they require a plug to be plugged in. In order to keep pests out of the room, the repellant releases vapour.

To ensure that you are completely protected, especially when travelling to places like Nigeria, you should still reapply your lotion or spray before going to bed each night.

Effective repellents for African safaris
Effective repellents for African safaris

Top Tip 2.

Ever wonder why people dress in light colours when they go on safari? The light-colored shirts and cargo pants are certainly familiar to you. It’s actually called “going on safari” a lot.

People choose these light colours on safari for a good reason. You are more likely to get bitten by bugs when travelling, although darker colours tend to attract bugs more.

So, exposed that in mind while you’re packing your suitcase. White, cream and beige colors are all great if you’ve got a lot of sight-seeing to do.

It’s also crucial to remember to bring long sleeve shirts and trousers. In the summer, cotton is an excellent fabric for keeping cool. When mosquitoes are most active at night and early in the morning, you should try to wear long sleeves and trousers.

Top Tip 3.

Remembering to reapply insect repellant might be challenging while you’re out and about having fun. Setting a timer on your phone or watch to receive an alert while you’re busy is a wonderful method to remember yourself.

Choosing the best bug repellent for you.

A bug repellent is an essential item for any traveler’s kit if they plan to go on an African safari. It’s critical to select an effective repellent because malaria mosquitoes are known to inhabit various parts of Africa.

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