How to get to Aberdare National Park

How to get to Aberdare National Park : Aberdare National Park is attractive Kenya safari destination that is located in the central Kenya. There is a distance of about 164 km from Nairobi the capital city to the park. Aberdare national park was gazetted in 1950 as to offer the refuge and protect the wildlife and the Aberdare mountain range. The park is part of the Aberdare mountain range, together with the various habits that boasts the animals population like the moorland, deep V-shaped valleys intersected by rivers, streams, rainforests, bamboo forests and many others.

Aberdare national park being the magnificent safari destination, it’s quite important for any tourist in the country or travelling into the destination to know how to access the national park. This article brings you the best ways on how tourists can easily access the park, which gives you the magical enjoyment to the tourist coming on a safari after knowing all the possible routes and how to reach the park.

How to get to Aberdare National Park.

Aberdare National Park can be easily accessed in two different means from Nairobi city that is either using the road transport or air transport. The park is located in the central Kenya, north of Nairobi hence making the park to be easily reached.

By Road transport.

Tourists can use road transport. Aberdare national park is located 160 km from Nairobi which takes the tourists to use 2 to 3 hours’ drive to access the park, then for the tourists coming from Jomo Kenyatta international airport in Nairobi through using ways from Nyeri and Naro Moruon the Eastern side.

How to get to Aberdare National Park
How to get to Aberdare National Park

There is another route you can use is the Nyahururu road passing through Nyeri town in order to access the park headquarter that takes 15 kilometers. And when you reach the park headquarters that’s where you load in your safari card from.

A tourist can connect by using the road where by you use the tarmac road and after the period of 160 km you reach the gates like Shamata or rhino gate that can be used if you are coming from the Nyahururu and Mutubio gate can be used by the tourists that are coming from Naivasha.

Again there are other gates like the Tree top, Wandare, Ark, Kiandongoro, Ruhuruina and all these gates are very good to be used while you are starting the journey from Nyeri, then Mutibio gate is perfect for the travelers that are coming from Naivasha.

By Air transport.

Tourists who happen to use the air transport can book the scheduled or the chartered flights from Wilson airport that is located in the southern part of Nairobi to Mweiga or Nanyuki air strips and after reaching the different airstrips you can connect a short distance by the road means up to the park headquarters. Wilson Airport is originating place for both the charter and the scheduled flight that flies to all the Kenya national parks.

 Kenya has got many and different domestic airlines that do operate the tourists flights to Aberdare National Park like Air Kenya, Safari link and many others. On a safari to Aberdare National Park, booking the domestic flights to the park can be done through using the tour operator.

Essential entry requirements to Aberdare National Park.

On your Kenya safari, it’s the tour operator that starts up processing the visitors’ flight booking arrangements you as the visitor you are required to send in your scanned passport and the Visa to notify your nationality. It’s very important for the travelers to send them in advance before your time for arriving to the Kenya safari. And again the travelers are recommended to have their personnel identifications like the valid passports, visas as these help them to access all the Kenyan national parks.

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