What are the tallest mountains in Kenya?

What are the tallest mountains in Kenya? The topography of Kenya changes from a low coastal plain along the Indian Ocean to mountains and plateaus in the center. Numerous endangered and rare species that are only found in Kenya’s mountain forests can be found nowhere else in the world.


Here are Kenya’s five tallest mountains.


1. Mount Kenya(17,057ft )


The tallest mountain in Kenya is Mount Kenya, which is located 90 miles northeast of Nairobi and roughly 10 miles south of the equator. The second-tallest peak in Africa, behind Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, it is located within Mount Kenya National Park, which was created to safeguard the mountain.


The peculiarity of Mount Kenya is that it has dual peaks. Batian (17,057 feet) and Nelion (17,021 ft), which are frequently covered in snow, are Mount Kenya’s two highest peaks. In reality, the entire mountain receives a lot of snow, and it supplies about seven million people in Kenya with fresh water. Mount Kenya and the region around it were named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1978 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. They are home to elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, antelope, and other species.


Many daring tourists visit East Africa with the intention of climbing Mount Kenya. As climbers ascend the mountain, they pass through ice and bamboo forest on their way to a top that offers expansive views of the Kenyan highlands.




2. Mount Elgon(14,177ft)


Mount Elgon, one of Kenya’s tallest mountains, has the largest volcanic base in the world, measuring 4,000 square kilometers. It is situated on the Kenya-Uganda border and, at roughly 24 million years old, is thought to be the oldest and largest isolated volcanic peak in East Africa.


Elgon rises above the surrounding environment by more than 9,842 feet and is home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Elgon is a well-liked peak for trekkers and offers a far better possibility of seeing animals because it is less congested than Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro. On the slopes, there are various waterfalls, and inside the crater, there are hot springs for soaking. On its lower slopes, elephants, buffalo, antelope, and monkey species like the blue monkey and the black-and-white colobus reside.


3. What are the tallest mountains in Kenya? Mount Satima(13,127ft)


At 13,127 feet above sea level, Mount Satima, the third-highest mountain in Kenya, is located. In Aberdare National Park, it is the highest point of the Aberdare mountain range. Oldoinyo Lesatima, the Masai name, means “mountain of the bull calf.” 


The “Dragon’s Teeth” group of volcanic cones encircle Satima, which is located along the Great Rift Valley’s eastern edge. On a clear day, Mount Kenya and Lake Naivasha may be seen from the summit of Mount Setima, as well as the Aberdare Mountains and the Rift Valley. Both hikers and birdwatchers like the mountain, and the majority of ascents take less than a day.

What are the tallest mountains in Kenya?
Mount Satima

Satima is one of the most picturesque and easy-going Aberdare paths to hike, with the trail winding around escarpments over undulating valleys and hills covered with lovely alpine flowers and vegetation.


4. What are the tallest mountains in Kenya? Kinangop( 8200ft)


Mount Kinangop, a dormant volcano in the southern Aberdares, has a commanding view over the Great Rift Valley and the Kinangop Plateau to the west. The second-highest mountain in the Aberdares after Satima, it is situated inside Aberdare National Park.


The mountain, which is covered in a bamboo forest, tussock grasses, and open moorlands, is very well-liked by birders since it is home to many rare and endangered species of birds. These include the long-tailed widowbird, the Aberdare cisticola, the Sharpe’s longclaw, and the endangered grey crowned crane. There are about 200 different bird species in the area, many of which are endangered, earning it recognition as an Important Bird Area on a global scale.


5. What are the tallest mountains in Kenya? Nakugen( 11,580ft )

 Nakugen, the highest mountain in Kenya at 11,580 feet above sea level, is also the highest point of the Cherang’any Hills in the western highlands. One of Kenya’s five primary forests and catchment areas is the hills, which are divided by the Mau Escarpment, which rises from the Tanzanian border up to the hills.

 Iron ore, white quartzite, and red garnets have all been discovered in the Cherangani Hills, among other rocks and minerals. The hills that make up the Moiben River’s headwaters are surrounded by jagged canyons and forested peaks. The Sengwer, a group of hunter-gatherers who have come to be progressively marginalized, dwell in the hills, together with the unusual white-bearded De Brazza’s monkey, which lives in small groups and forages on the forest floor while moving from tree to tree using long limbs and tails.

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